About Clio

My name is Clio (no it’s not short for anything and it is definitely spelled with an i). I am 12 years old. I wanted to start this blog to offer a look into the mind of a tween girl in America today. There are so many things that we think and never say, so I’m going to write them. Plus I’m learning a lot about using technology (like I learned how to create a site icon! woohoo!) so forgive any glitches that might show up…still learning. Look for random thoughts about everything I see or experience in the world and definitely look for my Top Ten lists! So what else about me….

I’m a seventh grader, a dancer, a field hockey player, an aspiring musician, a sister, a daughter, ‘mommy’ to a dog and a kitten (there used to be fish…) I love movies, Netflix binges (more on that later), BOOKS (fantasy mostly), my friends, art in all forms (I like to make stuff), thrift stores, antiquing, cozy blankets and Christmas. Basically all things happy and beautiful. But like everyone, my life isn’t perfect and sometimes chaos even gets to teens and tweens alike. So that’s why I’m writing this and pretty much, that’s who I am.

While everything I write here are my own words and thoughts, you should know that my Mom has FULL access to this blog and should have been a hacker. No creepers or nastiness allowed!! She will find you. (Not kidding)

P.S. I am Happysunshine Bug (that is what my friends call me and no that is not a typo)

Clio 😉