Top 15…

Hi Peoples,

As promised, I am doing a Top “Ten” (actually this one is 15, because I couldn’t eliminate any of them) list of songs that get stuck in your head. Now, they are not bad songs, just the ones that play over and over on the radio until they are imbedded in your brain for a week and there’s no room for anything else 😦 Also, any younger siblings out there? If you want to annoy your big brothers or sisters (hey even parents!), these are some songs that you can sing in your room, in the shower, or anywhere really…like the car, and drive them crazy. -Teee Heee…Bad joke. SO here are my picks in random order.

  1. Stitches – Because nobody needs that many stitches.
  2. ABC song – NOT the Jackson 5 one; some people might find that annoying but it’s awesome. No, I mean the one you learn in preschool. You will never forget it…
  3. Call Me Maybe – Overplayed and it automatically makes you do “the phone” with your hand. You can’t help it.
  4. Barbie Girl – Catchy Tune, But. Those. LYRICS….yikes. No.
  5. The Final Countdown – When will the Final count down actually start…or end.
  6. All The Single Ladies – The single ladies do not need to be notified that many times in a single song to put their hands up. I think we get it.
  7. Small World – Disney – The tune is sort of creepy and the voices are just kind of horror movie (which I will never watch) weird.
  8. Who Let The Dogs Out – Overplayed. And I kind of don’t get it.
  9. All I do Is Win – Played in soooooo many commercials and it just seems everywhere.
  10. Narwal – Sure they are definitely awesome animals, but the song has a really annoying tune and WHERE did it come from?!?!
  11. The Song That Never Ends – It’s true. It just never ends.
  12. Gangnam Style – It’s hard when you cannot understand a single word that plays over and over in your head.
  13. Wheels On The Bus – People sing it in the car…and it feels like you’re going ’round and ’round even when the ride is complete.
  14. Ring Around The Rosie – It is about the plague. I do not want to be reminded of what the plague was like. It was horrible. It was better when I didn’t know.
  15. Macarena – Overplayed. And again, the automatic dance moves.

I hope you enjoyed this list of songs that get stuck in your head, summertime gives me much more time to ponder stuff like this. I also hope that no one annoys you with these songs. If they do then just walk away and listen to some better music to get the songs out of your head. Hmm, maybe I should do that list… What songs are on your lists?

Happy Summer!!

Clio 😉


3 thoughts on “Top 15…

  1. I can identify with many of your picks,but so I am not familiar with. I could be to old for some but I do agree about the fact how they stick in your head. I even get annoyed at my self when I repeatedly sing 🎶 one.
    Great insight 😄


  2. Papa loves, Who Let The Dogs Out 🐶 🐶 -so I say let’s just sing it to him all summer😊! Entertaining blog once again Clio! 🎤


  3. Was happy to see this, I remember you working on this while we were there a few weeks ago. I can sure relate as I have had many of them stuck in my head before. I think I will have to take you on It’s a Small World when we are at Disney World in November, everyone has to ride it at least once and then sing it in the head the rest of the day LOL. Once again a wonderful blog, great job!!


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