Smarter Balance Uuuugggghhhh!

Hi Peoples,

For anyone who has not taken a smarter balance test… IT COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY STINKS!!!!!! And for anyone who has taken it and actually likes it, then I suggest you do not read any further because I will be complaining about the test and saying why it is totally horrible and should not be required for any students.

Smarter Balance… The one four part test that students AND teachers dread. Even my brother’s teachers say that it is horrible and often a waste of time. Maybe it would be better if they spread it out more but it seemed to take forever and I missed a lot of classes because of it. I had to take the second part of the math test the other day and it was so unbelievably stressful. I didn’t even finish! The wording was really confusing, plus I was the last one working on it which made me feel bad since I don’t like it when people go out of their way for me. Like all of the kids had to stay quiet while I was still testing. I felt slightly embarrassed which of course is never fun and made the test even worse for me.  Has anyone else felt like that, ever? Please comment if you  have.

I don’t even get why we even have to do it. It doesn’t go on our record, it doesn’t prepare you for tests like the SAT’s because we don’t get to study for it. I understand we need to learn to think critically and on our feet, but that is pretty hard when you don’t understand what they want from you. All they are for are for the school statistics and I don’t really see how they benefit the kids at all. It is only for them to see how we are doing but we don’t even get the results until part way through next school year, so I’m not clear as to how it helps us. Is that even worth it, to spend two weeks of school time on it? All it does is make tweens stress out, and I can’t even imagine the elementary scholars! Just why do we have to do it! That is my question… WHY!?!? I am seriously considering writing a persuasive letter to the board of directors about this one day but right now, I’m just glad I got through it. This is just my opinion of course, but it sure is nice to have a place to vent!

Clio 😉

P.S. If you have to take these tests, you CAN ask your parents to opt you out but that’s up to them…


3 thoughts on “Smarter Balance Uuuugggghhhh!

  1. SmarterBalance Assessments: Hello Clio, “They’ve become controversial for many reasons, including their difficulty level and the fact that a typical student takes six hours to complete the exams — with some taking far longer. Thousands of families chose not to let their children to take the exams.” (Oregon Thank you, Nini


  2. There’s more on SmarterBalance from the Coalitiontoprotectpublicschools: “There are two Common Core high stakes high failure rate tests, called SBAC and PARCC. Both are paid for with more than one hundred million of dollars in tax payer “development funds” but also cost states hundreds of millions of additional dollars every year to administer. Originally, there were 45 states signed up for these Common Core tests. In the past couple of years, State after State has dropped out of the Common Core test nightmare like rats deserting a sinking ship. In just the past couple of weeks, Maine abandoned the SBAC ship and Ohio abandoned the PARCC ship. Of the original 45 states, 23 have now dropped out leaving only 22 states left – 15 SBAC states and 7 PARCC states.”


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