Hi Peoples,

This one will be short…

New Fact: I have braces.  All of the photos you have seen of me without braces thus far are inaccurate, I do have braces. Those photos were from before I had them, or before seven weeks ago. They definitely hurt for the first week but after that they were ok. It was not fun to  have metal bumps scraping against my lips and cheeks. Just so you know, the wax does not stay on, so it is better to just be tough and work through the pain.

Braces are not a huge deal anymore to tweens (at least not the ones I know); just about all tweens (except for those lucky few) get braces. They are uncomfortable and it really kind of sucks not to chew gum or eat popcorn but they’re not something we get made fun of for or anything. Note to parents: Don’t feel anxious about the whole social thing and braces, no one really cares anymore except of course…you…because we know how expensive they are. And yes, I swear we will thank you for them later.

So I recently got my braces adjusted and had new wires put in. One of the upsides of having braces is that you get to choose different colored bands for your braces every time you get your braces adjusted. This is one thing tweens ARE interested in and I try to match my band colors to different events I have coming up. This time I got white bands and they look really cool. I picked these ones to match all the costumes for a dance show I have coming up. That is very important. 😉 Oh yes, and for a first meal with braces, I had a baked potato and milk it was yummy but even that hurt to eat. I suggest LOTS of yogurt and jello in the first couple of weeks.

Clio 😉

P.S. Younger siblings get bored at the orthodontist. I recommend leaving them at home if possible….

My little brother NOT having fun




4 thoughts on “Braces…

  1. Well I can kinda identify. I had braces as an adult and so did Grama .I was teased about my crooked teeth but never told my parents. So when I was older I had them put on my top teeth and I wasn’t conciensious about my smile any longer 🤠


  2. Grandpa is so right, I can totally relate to you, like he said I got my braces in my late 30’s but after all the pain and not be able to eat certain foods (like corn on the cob, I love corn on the cob 🙂 it was all worth it to have beautiful straight teeth. Can’t wait to see your even more beautiful smile when you get them off!


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