World Of Wearableart = WOW!

Hi Peoples,

Today a friend of mine took me to the Peabody Essex Museum to see the WOW exhibit. WOW stands for World Of Wearableart, which is exactly what it was. The original competition is in New Zealand and it gives people with all skills and trades a chance to create fashion that seems like it was taken straight off of the wall and put on a body. The exhibit is there until June 11th so I suggest you go and take a look. (and take your kids! They will LOVE it, esp. the tweens.)

Me and my friend Courtney in front of “American Dream.”

If you need another reason or two to go (I don’t see why you would but here they are anyways), there are plenty of other cool exhibits and any kids under the age of 16 are free! The outfits were  AMAZING! Every one of them were completely original and unique. The different materials that were used are insane. There was: wood, metal, plaster, plastic and even taxidermy (AKA: Gross and sad…there were taxidermy porcupines and birds! And yes, tweens care about animals…If any tweens are in that exhibit steer them away from the taxidermy bras because ew.) I think tweens would really like this exhibit because we haven’t completely gotten to the point yet where we care too much about fitting in. Well yeah, we do care about looking cool and nice, but we don’t care about what others think that much…yet. Back to the point, all of these styles are unique and they would definitely be liked by tweens, especially girls into art and fashion.

The WINNER of WOW – “Lady of the Wood.”
One of my favorite outfits was the wooden ball gown, be sure to check that out. It had such a cool look; it looked like fabric draping but you could still tell that it was wood. I think that the designer designed and created this dress really well and it looked exactly like a 17th century ball gown should. It kind of reminded me of Pinocchio’s daughter Cedar Wood, in Ever After High (which I’ve slightly outgrown…I think…but loved it.) Seriously, there is so much at PEM and I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the museum next time!


Make sure to check out the hyperlinks I hid in today’s blog to the PEM (I just learned how to add them)!

Clio 😉


3 thoughts on “World Of Wearableart = WOW!

  1. Hi Clio! Your personality and character shines through! You got the funny gene!! Looking forward to more! Include your own art! Love to you!


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