Hi Peoples,

Today I will be writing (or typing) about binge watching and what it does for us tweens. Now I’m no TV junkie and we don’t have cable so we watch apple TV through our internet and use Amazon Prime and Netflix mostly because no commercials are the way to go. Binge watching shows and movies kinda sounds like we’re over-doing the TV time, but it actually can give us tweens an escape from life. It helps us relax from a long day’s work at school, homework, activities etc. Yes, watching TV for too long is bad if you do it all the time, but every once in a while it is good to sit down on the couch with a favorite food (I suggest a comfort food like soup) and catch up on a TV series or a movie or two. Binge watching also gives tweens quality time with our parents because sometimes talking is just weird cause neither of you have anything to say and it helps us start talking about topics we wouldn’t have thought of. I mean, you can only talk about your day at school for so long.

Some of my favorite shows and movies right now are: Charmed (my mom makes me watch this with her for content), The Great British Baking Show and the new Beauty and the Beast movie. I like each of these shows or movies for different reasons. Charmed is about three sisters who become good witches, this gives me a feeling of magic and excitement. There’s a lot of really REAL stuff happening in the world right now and its nice to see good win sometimes. The Great British Baking Show is about twelve British home bakers that are competing for the title of “best home baker”. I love this show because I get to see all of these new recipes that I can try. Plus, it always makes me REALLY hungry. If anyone who is reading this blog has not seen the New Beauty and the Beast movie, I suggest you to stop reading and go see it because it is Awesome! What I loved about it was the special effects and how they brought the old movie that came out in 1991 to life. Plus, Emma Watson is THE COOLEST. When you were watching the movie you felt like you were actually there and experiencing the whole thing for yourself.

Please movie maker people make more live action movies like that! It’s a great way to get the attention of kids my age who are a little too old for the cartoons now.

Don’t forget to leave a like if you liked this post and comment if there are any movies or shows that you love to watch. I’ll be updating my favorites periodically. A couple more you should check out: Gilmore Girls (Netflix), Just Add Magic (Amazon Prime) and Brain Games (Netflix).

Clio 😉


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