Top Ten…

For all the parents who wonder what we think about when the teacher is lecturing, here is my top ten list of things tweens mull over when they are supposed to be paying attention to the teacher (teehee!):

  1. “Wait, what was the homework?”
  2. “I don’t like this subject. At. All.”
  3. “When is lunch?”
  4. “No, I do not get what you are talking about. Please explain further with fewer big words but no, I don’t want to raise my hand and ask you to!”
  5. “I wonder what my (insert pet here) is doing?”
  6.  “What is this useful for again?”
  7. “What! How has it only been two minutes!”
  8. “When is lunch again?”
  9. “Huh, this is actually interesting for once, I should probably pay attention”
  10.  Contrary to popular belief, middle school kids actually do pay attention sometimes and think about the topic.

Am I right tweens? If I missed anything please put it in the comments.

Clio 😉


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