Media & Macaroons

Hi Peoples,

This blog site is going to be about what tweens in this era think and what they think about when they are supposed to be doing something (something I do often myself). As you can see above I LOVE French pastries. That is why I chose to have little macaroons and mini cupcakes as my birthday desert.

Tweens right now just want to fit in and do all of the cool stuff their friends do. Like go to see the newest movie that came out, or keep up with all of the new cool trends. Tweens also want independence, they want their “alone time” with their friends or just by themselves. Parents sometimes don’t realize that we get stressed out just like they do. Just growing up in general is hard, sometimes parents either feel stressed out and all of the pressure is put down on us or we just  have so many activities that a minute of quiet alone is needed. Fellow tweens, if you want to get your own little vacation away from life just cuddle up in bed with a computer, iPad or any other portable device and binge watch a favorite TV series of yours or cuddle up with a good book. It always works for me (I suggest watching or reading something that makes you happy ;-).

I’m just here to offer a general perspective of what tweens are thinking these days. Viewers, if you have any questions about the blog or just in general feel free to put them right in the comments below.

-Clio 😉



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