School Hacks

Hi Peoples!

Yes friends, the dreaded day is coming…First day of school is almost here! For me, it starts in a few days and I am sort of looking forward to it. Like most tweens, I enjoy school and learning but really dislike certain aspects of it like waking up early or the homework. Although…there are things that makes getting ready for the school year a bit more fun like DIY-ing or buying (depending on what is more convenient) back to school (BTS) outfits, supplies and locker décor…and just having all new stuff to start the year fresh! So the start of my B.T.S season is a few DIY projects.

Based on my experience in middle school so far, lockers get messy. Really, really messy. So the first thing I will be doing is fun locker décor and organization! Yay! (I really need this…) I do recommend getting a locker shelf. They are really helpful when it comes to separating your books from your backpack and/or extra necessities, plus they look really cute and help us know where everything is in the middle of a busy school day when we’re rushing to the next class. I had major problems with piles of books and papers last year.

The next suggestion I have is to get a mirror for your locker. This way you can do check-ups on your appearance throughout the day (AKA: after lunch when you might have some food in your teeth or need to throw your hair up in a ponytail!) Also if you do use make up (I don’t yet), this will make life a little easier and you won’t have to do touch-ups in the bathroom. 😉

Anyway, I tried out a few DIYs that are super easy and really useful, or just fun and thrifty, ways to spruce up your locker.

MAGNETIC HOLDER: You can also make a larger version depending on your needs.


  • A small tin (like a tic tac box or for the larger version I used an empty baking powder tin)
  • Cute colored or patterned Duct tape and/or wrapping paper
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Unused magnets or a magnet strip (available at any craft store)
  • Scissors
  • A pencil (only if you are using paper)


  1. Make sure your small container does not have a lid or that the container lid opens up far enough so you can get what ever you are storing in the container out of it.
  2. Measure out your decorative paper or duct tape and if you are using decorative paper you can use regular tape or hot glue to hold the paper in place.
  3. Once the small tin is covered you can cut a piece of magnet to size and hot glue it to the back of the tin. Make sure you are gluing the correct side of the magnet to the container because one side sticks to the locker and the other doesn’t, so be careful! Try it out on your fridge first. Also, test the weight of the covered tin to make sure you have a strong enough or several magnets to hold it in place.

Now you are finished and can put what ever you want in your magnetic tin! I put extra hairbands and pins in the tic tac box and use the baking powder tin for pens/pencils etc.



  • Apiece of strong string/cord/etc. (I used Para cord)
  • 2 magnets
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Old unused credit card (optional) – replacement: guitar picks


  1. Cut your cord/string to the length that you want.
  2. Take the magnets and make sure that they are not incredibly large. They should be a good size compared to the string that you are using. I cut my piece of para cord about the width of the locker so it has some slack and the appx. size of my magnets compare to that of a large paper clip or a quarter.
  3. Hot glue the ends of the string to each of the magnets
  4. Now you can either let the glue cool and leave it as is or cut a credit card to the size of your magnets and right after you put the cord on place the credit card bits on top and make a little sandwich to hide the ends of the cord…Or just make it look cuter.

Now I am using this to hang my sunglasses, pin notes and reminders, clip pictures of friends family and pets up and any other items that are needed for that day.



  • A very small card board box (Like one that was the packaging for food coloring)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors


  1. Take the box lid and cut a skinny rectangle length wise on the lid so the letters can go in. You can also just cut of the lid entirely if the slit is giving you trouble.
  2. Take your paint and brush and paint the entire box (This may take a few coats)
  3. Let the box dry completely
  4. Take your sharpie and write the word mail on the front of your Mail Box (This should be pretty obvious)
  5. Now you can either use tape to tape it to your locker or use hot glue and glue a magnet or two on the back.

I make these for my friends and we can give each other notes and updates on different things. You can either magnet it to the front of your locker or cut the entire top off and attach it to the inside door of your locker under the vents to slide notes into!




Hi Peoples!

Soooo this summer I have been going completely crazy with DIY projects, because summer is the time to make messes and try new things! I guess you could call me Crafty Clio…(Or not ;)). But yeah, I have been watching a bunch of YouTube videos and putting my spin on a bunch of fun projects. It’s a lot of fun to change recipes, try stuff out and create something new. It has been really fun! Now,  I have two projects, actually 2 and 1/2 that I would love to share with you guys!


What you need for this recipe;

  • Crayons in the shade of your choice (I suggest that you find the most non-toxic crayon brands possible… like Faber Castelle, Clear Hills Honey Co. and Crayola)
  • Vaseline
  • a small pot
  • a spoon or spatula
  • a small bowl
  • a small & sealed storage container
  1. First you take the pot and fill it halfway with water and heat it over the stove.
  2. Take your crayons and break them into small pieces (I scraped the outside of the crayons with a clean razor to remove any dirt and grime. And have your parents supervise the scraping!)
  3. Place your crayons into a small bowl and place the small bowl into the pot of water.
  4. Stir the crayons around in the bowl gently with your spoon or spatula until the crayons are fully melted. -TIP! (be careful that water doesn’t splash out of the bowl…It really burns!)
  5. Take the bowl of melted crayons out of the pot and place it on the counter, and bring the pot off of the burner. -TIP! (Place the bowl on a cloth so the heat doesn’t burn into your counter!)
  6. Depending on how many crayons you used put 2-4 table spoons of Vaseline in to the bowl and mix it into the crayon.
  7. Once the Vaseline and crayon are fully mixed together, allow to cool for a couple of minutes and then transfer the lipstick into your small container and you are done! It’s that easy and you have custom-made tinted lip balm!



  • Immediately after you transfer the lipstick into the small container, hand wash the bowl under hot water and soap since the wax from the crayon will dry on if you don’t. I suggest putting the bowl in the dishwasher immediately afterward to really get all of the wax off.
  • Since you only put water in the small pot, dump out the water and dry off the pot so you don’t have to clean it again! TIP! (let the pot cool off first then do this step!)

HERE’S THE 1/2 PROJECT! And where I got a little experimental….

I didn’t have a container for the lip balm so I decided to make one of my own. As you can see above, it’s the top of a disposable drink bottle and here’s how I did it.

  1. First I found an empty drink bottle (I suggest finding one of the soda/lemonade bottles because with the basic water bottles, the air pressure causes the container to break) 😦
  2. With a razor blade and scissors, I cut all the way until the small ledge that is under the mouth piece and made sure that the cut was even all the way around (again with the parental supervision on the razor!).
  3. After that, I traced the base of the mouthpiece onto an old credit/gift/debit card that wasn’t going to be used again and I cut out the circle with scissors.
  4. I then flipped the detached mouth piece over and glued the circle onto  the bottom with hot glue.
  5. (OPTIONAL) : I painted the container with black nail polish, yes I said nail polish, (it may sound weird but it works really well) But you can really cover it with any thing from acrylic paint to duct tape. You Do You Girl!
  6. Let your container dry if you painted it and you are ready to go!


What you need for this recipe (it’s the easiest thing ever):

  • your favorite essential oil scents (Make DOUBLE sure these are safe to put on your skin!)
  • a small spray bottle
  • water
  1. Take your spray bottle and fill up depending on how much spray you want to make.
  2. Drip 5 or so drops of essential oils into the spray bottle and if you are mixing two or more oils only put two drops of each in.-TIP! (I suggest not mixing more than 3 oils)
  3. Put the top back on and test the spray. If the spray isn’t strong enough add more essential oils. If the spray is too strong then add more water. experiment with your spray until you find the perfect combo for you!

I hope you enjoyed these DIYs and maybe try one of them!  These are great things to do in the summer to get ready for another year in school or just when you have downtime and want to be creative. (PARENT TIP: all the tweens I know are super into this kind of stuff right now.) Also, they can be money savers so if you don’t have the cash to buy any of these things you can make them with stuff from around your house. If there are any DIY projects that you want me to check out, just send me an idea in the comments and I will certainly take a look and see if I can either find recipes or come up with some. Have Fun Being CRAFTY!

Clio  🙂


Top 15…

Hi Peoples,

As promised, I am doing a Top “Ten” (actually this one is 15, because I couldn’t eliminate any of them) list of songs that get stuck in your head. Now, they are not bad songs, just the ones that play over and over on the radio until they are imbedded in your brain for a week and there’s no room for anything else 😦 Also, any younger siblings out there? If you want to annoy your big brothers or sisters (hey even parents!), these are some songs that you can sing in your room, in the shower, or anywhere really…like the car, and drive them crazy. -Teee Heee…Bad joke. SO here are my picks in random order.

  1. Stitches – Because nobody needs that many stitches.
  2. ABC song – NOT the Jackson 5 one; some people might find that annoying but it’s awesome. No, I mean the one you learn in preschool. You will never forget it…
  3. Call Me Maybe – Overplayed and it automatically makes you do “the phone” with your hand. You can’t help it.
  4. Barbie Girl – Catchy Tune, But. Those. LYRICS….yikes. No.
  5. The Final Countdown – When will the Final count down actually start…or end.
  6. All The Single Ladies – The single ladies do not need to be notified that many times in a single song to put their hands up. I think we get it.
  7. Small World – Disney – The tune is sort of creepy and the voices are just kind of horror movie (which I will never watch) weird.
  8. Who Let The Dogs Out – Overplayed. And I kind of don’t get it.
  9. All I do Is Win – Played in soooooo many commercials and it just seems everywhere.
  10. Narwal – Sure they are definitely awesome animals, but the song has a really annoying tune and WHERE did it come from?!?!
  11. The Song That Never Ends – It’s true. It just never ends.
  12. Gangnam Style – It’s hard when you cannot understand a single word that plays over and over in your head.
  13. Wheels On The Bus – People sing it in the car…and it feels like you’re going ’round and ’round even when the ride is complete.
  14. Ring Around The Rosie – It is about the plague. I do not want to be reminded of what the plague was like. It was horrible. It was better when I didn’t know.
  15. Macarena – Overplayed. And again, the automatic dance moves.

I hope you enjoyed this list of songs that get stuck in your head, summertime gives me much more time to ponder stuff like this. I also hope that no one annoys you with these songs. If they do then just walk away and listen to some better music to get the songs out of your head. Hmm, maybe I should do that list… What songs are on your lists?

Happy Summer!!

Clio 😉

Mary Poppins – #Awesome & Funny

Hi Peoples!

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I have been very busy rehearsing for my end-of-the-year show with my dance company (and finishing school for the year).

As we speak, I am watching Mary Poppins. A great number in my dance show (not one of my numbers) was to Steppin’ Time, an iconic song from Mary Poppins. I felt like watching Mary Poppins since that dance reminded me of it; plus my Grandpa is visiting and he mentioned he wanted to see it too. I am enjoying the movie especially today; all of the songs and the magic and the dancing. But this is the first time I realized how pretentious Mary Poppins is in this movie. When she measures herself at the beginning the tape measure literally said “Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way” she said that in such a knowing manner and it was just sooooooo funny!

My favorite song in the movie is A Spoon Full Of Sugar.  I just love the concept and the melody of the song. It gets completely stuck in my head all of the time but thank goodness, it is one of those songs that I don’t mind getting stuck in my head. Keep an eye out for my top ten list of worst songs to get stuck in your head; I think I’m definitely going to do that one next.

I also only just now realized that Mrs. Banks is as absent in her children’s lives as Mr. Banks is, (which of course is the reason that Mary Poppins arrives in the first place). Like when Bert finds the children after they run away from the bank and brings them home Mrs. Banks just leaves them with a stranger. She apparently thinks that  her suffragette meetings are more important than her children just as order is more important than quality of life and being with his family is to Mr. Banks. It does sound pretty outrageous when you write it down but they do finally come together at the end and for real, #bertisawesome.

Happy Summer everyone! Watch some old movies!!

Clio 😉

P.S. If you have not watched the movie Mary Poppins then you are deprived and must to watch it immediately.



Top Ten…

Here are my top ten favorite things about the end of the school year:

  1. Lots of field trips; My class is going to the beach and going swimming. There’s nothing in the world wrong with that.
  2. Fun class projects; Like in science we are doing electricity and I touched this metal ball and my hair went flying out in all directions. It’s pretty cool, and I feel like a lot of the fun stuff happens at the end of the year…
  3. Planning the summer with friends; sleepovers, hangout sessions, summer camps etc. Fun. Stuff.
  4. Finding fun things and projects to do during the summer like; camping, rafting, pool, beach, sleeping in, berry picking, etc. So. Many. Things.
  5. Getting warmer outside… Going from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is a HUGE deal in New England. And every rainy day kind of feels like the end of the world.
  6. Having free classes on the last day of school; not having to do work during class. School without the work is basically a giant playdate. I kind of feel sorry for the teachers.
  7. Everyone is happier. This might be scientifically proven. And really, we made it to the end of the year, why wouldn’t we be happy?!
  8. End of the year concerts; for music and chorus and any other programs we might be involved with. The concerts are cool.
  9. Less daily homework and generally more big projects (#YES!!!)
  10. Finally turning in all of the school projects; this in my book is very satisfying.

I have a lot of fun in the last month or so in school, please comment and tell me your favorite end of school activities!

Clio 😉


Service Palooza!

Hi Peoples,

So a couple days ago was Service Palooza! For those of you who don’t know what Service Palooza is, it is the day that my entire school goes out and does service projects for the community. Like my team walked around the local college and picked up trash on campus. It was super fun! This may not sound like a  lot of fun but digging water bottle caps out of the ground and searching the ground for leftover beads (most likely from a summer camp) is actually really fun! The other grades and teams did different projects, like painting the elementary school’s playground, cleaning buses or even planting new plants in front of the school.

This is one of my favorite days all year besides the first, last day and field day.  I mean what’s better than helping out the people in your community and making the town look nicer for all of us?! Plus the  weather was perfect. Who could ask for more than that?!One of the best parts though…when we stopped for lunch, I had a cannoli! #YUM! 😀 After lunch we were divided up into teams of four and we had a competition to see who could pick up the most trash. My team won!

We headed back to the school and because it wasn’t time to go home quite yet, we watched a movie afterwards. Then when the movie was over we went outside and made a video for the 4th graders coming to the school next year to help make them feel more comfortable. Then we got popsicles, which were also very yummy! 😀

Clio 😉


Smarter Balance Uuuugggghhhh!

Hi Peoples,

For anyone who has not taken a smarter balance test… IT COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY STINKS!!!!!! And for anyone who has taken it and actually likes it, then I suggest you do not read any further because I will be complaining about the test and saying why it is totally horrible and should not be required for any students.

Smarter Balance… The one four part test that students AND teachers dread. Even my brother’s teachers say that it is horrible and often a waste of time. Maybe it would be better if they spread it out more but it seemed to take forever and I missed a lot of classes because of it. I had to take the second part of the math test the other day and it was so unbelievably stressful. I didn’t even finish! The wording was really confusing, plus I was the last one working on it which made me feel bad since I don’t like it when people go out of their way for me. Like all of the kids had to stay quiet while I was still testing. I felt slightly embarrassed which of course is never fun and made the test even worse for me.  Has anyone else felt like that, ever? Please comment if you  have.

I don’t even get why we even have to do it. It doesn’t go on our record, it doesn’t prepare you for tests like the SAT’s because we don’t get to study for it. I understand we need to learn to think critically and on our feet, but that is pretty hard when you don’t understand what they want from you. All they are for are for the school statistics and I don’t really see how they benefit the kids at all. It is only for them to see how we are doing but we don’t even get the results until part way through next school year, so I’m not clear as to how it helps us. Is that even worth it, to spend two weeks of school time on it? All it does is make tweens stress out, and I can’t even imagine the elementary scholars! Just why do we have to do it! That is my question… WHY!?!? I am seriously considering writing a persuasive letter to the board of directors about this one day but right now, I’m just glad I got through it. This is just my opinion of course, but it sure is nice to have a place to vent!

Clio 😉

P.S. If you have to take these tests, you CAN ask your parents to opt you out but that’s up to them…